Wednesday, December 23, 2009

it's been so long!

but finals are finally over! and the semester is done.
now, i shall finish up my entire thesis, in teh course of this month.
is this doable?
why yes, it is! it will just require an intense work ethic.
i can do this, i do believe i can.

so i didnt sleep for like 72 hours nonstop during finals, these things happen.
i think i wrote some okay papers but we shall see.
i had a great semester, if anyone is curious.
it was tough, hard, wonderful, and productive.

but now it's break!
and i've been baking with the munchkins (my little cousins)
we are watching lilo and stitch right now and i am tearing up. my gosh. i shouldn't admit those things on the internet.


the best of final's week.
by that, i mean outfits.

so...this was the week before finals, at the beginning of the week when i hadn't slept. so night one of not sleeping.
to cheer myself up, i wore spats
repetto heels, vintage spats, gray tights, lanvin tee shirt dress

my new favorite boots, from the brooklyn flea market

new mayle sweater, new mayle dress, osborn shoes.

MM6 sweater, miu miu skirt, hansel from basel socks, steve madden

beginnings of finals week
comme des garcon play shirt, rachel comey skirt, converses
this is me, watching an episode of law and order SVU to reward myself for writing an entire paper in one night.
after my rom com class (thats my monday class) i went on a date with an adorably caustic and sarcastic cinema studies boy. it was really nice. and very cute. you have to give any boy mad props that rolls with jokes about lolita syndromes and pedo bears.

my favorite finals outfit
i wore it twice
mayle tunic (new), marc jacobs pants, rag and bone shoes, marc jacobs sweater
pig tails.
it had to happen, like spats, it makes everything better

now officially on break

me in my best friend's neighborhood
clu shirt, h&m hat, prada skirt, target tights, rag and bone boots.

some photos of houston

and then the snow from new york!
this is outside my window in chinatown

i'll update soon!
bye lovelies
happy holidays.


Anonymous said...

just droppin' by to say i love your self-portraits.

Bekväm said...

Been lusting after those boots for quite a while. How do they fit

Boots1 said...

Wow! The lady really looks pretty in those pictures. The collection of dress and the boots are amazing. I really like them. I have a good collection of boots of Steve Madden…the Snappee, Leppard, Dollyy, Jeriko…and they look very trendy. Good post…