Monday, December 7, 2009

apparently, your body can just absorb contacts

or at least mine did.
what do you mean?
well my eyelid literally ate my contact, as in my contact rolled up under my eyelid and i had to go to the eye doctor and he had to remove.
it took five minutes and then i popped my contact right back in my eye.
but it was very bizarre.
ALTHOUGH, they assured, your contact can never go behind your eye. the farthest it will journey is just up in your eyelid.
the things i do for vanity.

and it's also pre-finals week
and i have decided, crazily enough, to attempt to start all of my final papers now.
but what that really means is that i'll just procrastinate for a week.
but i figure its better to start that a whole process now rather than wait until next monday...cos most of my final papers are due around the 18th ish.


in other news
i'm selling some mayle stuff! is anybody interested?
if you are post a comment with your email and i'll email you what i have and how much it is, ect.

i also bought this amazing mayle dress a week ago and i've worn it three times. so essentially i'm turning into a cartoon character, but that's okay
my professor has the same dress. i'm secretly crossing my fingers that one day we'll both wear it on the same day and it'll be like oh! your dress is so lovely, where ever did you find it?

my prof. said this probably was a sample since there is no size in it
mayle dress, mayle shoes, hansel from basel tights, one of my favorite vintage necklaces.

i also got a hair cut.

my friend dima photographed me.
and this is me photographing dima photographing me.
can we say "META?"

and this is dima and i.
he's so fashionable, i put him on my blog.

are both wearing h&m. 3.1 phillip lim belt and keds for me.

oh. i also used my culinary prowess to bake a very interesting pie.

i deem it magic potion pie. my friends boris and eddie gave me a pie making kit and i decided to try to use almost all the ingredients.
they gave me condensed milk, blueberry gooey pie filling from a can, a chocolate cookie crust, shaved coconut, almonds, marshmellows, malted milk balls, whipping cream from a box and brown sugar
so what i made was: a blueberry icebox pie/cheesecake in a chocolate cookie crust.
icebox pie calls for condensed milk and cream cheese. i say it's slash cheese cake b/c once it thaws from teh freezer, it has a cheese cake consistency. i mixed half the can of blueberries in with the icebox pie filling and put it in the cookie crust.
i then used butter and milk and melted a bunch of marshmellows and poured that onto of the pie. i let that chill overnight and then added the rest of the blueberry filling on top, and put the coconut flakes on a top of that with a single almond in the middle.
it wasn't my most delicious pie but it definitely was the most interesting.
i call it magic potion pie.
it's like when i was a little kid and i'd make "magic potion" by mixing together whatever i could find- usually cereal, milk, soap, maple syrup and caynenne pepper into a bowl and i'd pretend to be a witch.
it was like that but edible.

this was a super long post but i probably won't update for a couple of days.
b/c of finals and all.
adieu dearies!


miss sophie said...

eeeeegggg...that happened to me once with my contacts! though i just slept with it stuck and it sort of fell out the next day. another reason why i stick to wearing my glasses 24-7 :P

your pie looks quite yummy!

sarah said...

i definitely know what you mean about starting early, but really just procrastinating. story of my life (literally: i just finished all my assignments).
also, your contacts story reminds me why i still wear glasses. i'm way to much of a wimp to progress to contacts.

Kadie said...

Hi! I'd be interested in finding out more about your Mayle pieces. What size? My email is fashionista82{at}hotmail{dot}com. Thank you!!!

louise or valentine said...

i literally felt so so dumb in getting my contact stuck in my eye. but it was also so scary! i panicked, thinking i'd need surgery or something.
oh my.

Eunice said...

don't you hate it when everything is due at the same time and the work is just piling and piling and... :( but if you work hard, it'll pay off. good luck on your finals!

I want your Mayle stuff, but I'm on the heavier side hahaha so I doubt any of your clothes would fit. But lucky for others though!

florence said...

Hi, i m interestd by your Mayle stuff...please let me know what you are selling...