Monday, December 14, 2009

finals are destroying my mind

i spent many a-countless night awake and writing

finals are kicking my butt, people. kicking my butt.
but i will survive!
i still have mayle for sale fyi.
here's my flickr site

but to tide y'all over until i can really update.

this was shot during thanksgiving.

i'm a little obsessed with wes anderson and the fantastic mr fox

i ain't afraid of no farmers.

lyell shorts, boy shirt, twilly scarf

hiding in a tree, do i see any chickens to steal?

APC pants, steven alan top and tie, converse shoes, my own cat ear headband

felicity fox, painter of landscapes and thunderclouds

urban outfitters skirt, rag and bone boots, built by wendy top

rawr! a rather fantastic fox.

lyell shorts, topshop tights, boy shirt, twilly scarf, rag and bone boots

i look more like a cat
it's kind of wonderful being fantastic, isn't it?

h&m dress, twilly scarf

good luck with finals, lovelies!
i can't be the only one with them, right?
cordially yours,


Heather Taylor said...

I am now very much inspired to see that movie! Wes Anderson is nothing short of a genius to me.
Good luck on finals and I like your blog!

Moya said...

I really, really love the pictures, Caroline. Finals are slamming me too.... It gets you on both sides of the divide.

Isabel said...

Eeek, this is too cute! Good luck on finishing your exams. I only have one left to go!

Eunice said...

So cute! Do well on your finals and then enjoy your holidays.

miss sophie said...

caroline - you are too cute. the shorts with the patterned tights are awesomeness!

good luck with finals - you're almost there! :)

Twobreadsplease said...

so so so adorable, i love your outfits! good luck with your finals! x