Thursday, December 31, 2009

new years new ears!

it's new years eve and i realized, my blog is a year and then some old.
in going with the theme of reflection, here are my top ten outfits.
i've really enjoyed reading all of the recaps of the decade with the worst of or the best of or most memorable this or that on jezebel, so ....i figured i'd do something similar...

but let's also look forward to teh future!
everyone be safe tonight and i will have a much longer update soon!

also, in addition
my wonderful friend monique is in town, visiting new orleans
we went to a sub deb (jr deb) ball

monique in her great grandmother's vintage- lace from the '40s

vintage chloe dress

and, litereally, five minutes after the ball ended, monique and i ran to a dinner party
i wore this

topshop tights, rag and bone boots, lyell shorts, '30s vintage sweater


KC. said...

oh man, where did you shoot the picture where you are on the picnic table? love that outfit, love the picture

louise or valentine said...

lovely lovely dee!!

i shot it in nola

come visit, we will paint this town red!