Saturday, January 2, 2010

the 2nd best of...

i am a terrible editor when it comes to my photographs.
i err on the overzealous, heavy handed type. call me a liberal, but i'd rather there be too much than not enough.
however, a minimalist touch is often necessary and much preferred, so i'm working on being a tighter editor.
oh hey, that could be my new years resolution. that and learning how to draw. i should expand my artistic horizons.

my top 11 photographs that i shot this year

brighton beach

church, nashville

underneath the 6th train, bronx

broome and allen

diner, nashville

les pierrettes

hannah in the pink bathroom

dima's birthday

mommy and i.

dima's living room

pandora at duane park

i feel i should add something else, another sentence of reflection or perhaps further elucidation on these images. sometimes, with this blog, i forget that i am a photographer. actually, most times in art school, i forget that i am a photographer. these are just reflections and moments, some incredibly set up and planned, others off the cuff that represent my year. these "best of" are simply the most artistically strong images.
a whole other list could best of moments, best of but poor quality photographs that represent my entire year of new and old friendships, crazy adventures, surrealist discoveries, ect.
but this list feels pretty well rounded and represntational of an interesting year.

oh and then...
the other night, monique and i explored the olde absinthe house, the napoleon house and the bombay club.
i wore this. it was kind of a sack originally but low and behold, 8 safety pins later, it became a fairly respectable dress!

chicks on speed cotton sack dress (got it at buffalo exchange oh like four years ago) rachel comey belt, chanel shos (xmas gift) tights from monique
so the second image is what the dress actually looks like
i just sort of pulled up the skirt and pinned the excess fabric behind my back.
i'm kind of in love with this dress right now...
its a really soft cotton linen.
there's just so much possibility with it.

anywho. time for bed. more thesis shooting tomorrow.
we are driving to mississippi!


sarah said...

that first picture is so beautiful! i love the colours.
also, that dress is pretty great too.

Serendipity in Grace said...

The first photo is brilliant! Older Russian men are such a strange dynamic, half of them are incredibly meticulous about the way they dress (due to some deep-set army background) and then theres that vague love for vodka. Crazy cute combination i suspect.

Isabel said...

Oh my goodness, you take the loveliest photographs. The one of the old man and the fruit is my favourite, he seems like such a character.

love buzz. said...

beautiful photos! just like a dream. <3 XOXOX

Eunice said...

I love all your photographs, and the dress! I can't wait to see some of your thesis photographs.

Mommy said...

Caroline, I'm always just incredibly amazed at how talented and cool you are! Love your blog!