Sunday, January 24, 2010

classes and things

this week has been surprisingly busy and laid back.

i shot my friends goofing around for lighting class
and stayed up all night last night to photograph coney island and parts of midwood at dawn-ish on a 4x5 camera.
my film could have possible been loaded wrong, it was cold, i forgot the shutter release
but i had a great morning.
fingers crossed i got SOMETHING from the shoot today

wore this thursday night for SHOW ONE
tisch senior thesis for photographing culminates in 3 shows, ie three professional style art gallery shows that are in the tisch building at 721 broadway. each show has a run of three weeks, with a week interim to hang the next show
i'm in show three (that goes up in march)

urban outfitters top, thrifted marc jacobs shoes, prada pants

pleats please!

what i like about this outfit, other than the charlie chaplin style pants, is that it feels so put together but thrown together, casual and not. perhaps its the combo of a cotton boatneck with silk pleated trousers, but it's a look i like.

from this month's elle
which was fairly skinny and kind of boring, save for these three things



from a shoot on couples. i didn't like how most of the shoot was styled but i love this. its really interesting, super wearable but also very very fashionable.
it's something i would wear.
even these are the "safe" and more "wearable" version of the miu miu spring shoe but it looks really awesome here.
every part of the outfit steams from something super super wearable and almost boring, but with the cut and colors and patterns used it becomes really unique looking.

the lanvin dance shoe kirna zabete HAD that i was obsessed with and they, alas, do not have my size.

on a very weird note
i was at prada yesterday, chatting with my friend pierre about resort 2010. they still have not received their shoe order!
this seems so bizarre to me, since it was just a well received collection. it felt so much stronger than their spring 2010, especially with accessories
pierre said that the buyers at neimans and saks didn't think the shoes would be received well and thus, they ordered a very very small amount. in turn, the prada store buyers also had to order a small amount, since not a lot were being made due to the initial buy.
this bizarre to me.
the plastic shoes came in and they feel like dress up shoes. not wearable, movable shoes. but just dress up, teeter totter shoes

also, some new mayle for sale!
please comment or give me your email if you are particularly interested in purchasing a mayle thing of mine.

and panda cake plus godzilla caroline!

on that note
happy end of the weekend!


Eunice said...

i was looking at the same shoes too when i was browsing kirna zabete. i prefer the tan than the black ones, but same here, sold out in my size. boo. wonder if barneys carries them.

Kate said...

OH MAN is that the panda cake from that Chinatown bakery we love so much?