Friday, October 30, 2009

back from new orleans

and back to the grindstone!
midterms are still continuing for me, hence the erratic-ness of when i update.
but i am going to try to start updating three times a week (oh gosh caroline- so many!)
new orleans, mississippi and texas where great.
though i am going to start to try to include studio lights in portraiture. which will be interesting. i am a little afraid to do it, only b/c it requires carting the lights from new york (from my school) to new orleans (there arent any places to rent lights down there, i''m afraid...)


somethings i shot a while ago that seem interesting.

my friend bobby had a birthday party and it was at his house.
his kitchen

monique at bobby's

bobby on piano, dizzy on washboard and matt singing

dancing zebras in bobby's bedroom

me in my vintage coat, vintage '40s dress, vintage '40s wedding hat, repetto oxfords with a heel.

monique asleep in bobby's room

i cannot wait to post the photos im taking during halloween weekend

tata! be safe!

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