Friday, October 23, 2009

on my way to new orleans

so i'm going home for about five days to continue to shoot my thesis, which is on southern identity and my family. it's going okay, i feel a bit stuck so this trip i am going to try shooting more theatrical and actually shoot outside of the house, ie within parks or landscapes.
imma give it a go. friend omar mullick has a show up called "you can't take it with you" at gallery fcb in chelsea. it's about muslims in america. it's really luminous, some of the photographs are handheld and in soft focus, but there are also panoramas. they are all in black and white which really adds to the sense of grace. you can really sense the displacement, everything feels very ephemeral.

my friend nick, with way way better hair than i have, especially if i just chopped my hair into a bob.

omar's photos!

what i wore to see the photos.

getting cinnamon ice cream from the truck outside of the gallery. i love cinnamon so much.
prada jacket with lace

maria cornejo dress, topshop belt, anna sui tights, rachel comey brogues

from the weekend!
martha and norah's thanksgiving party (haha it was early!) and sean's bday

matt martha monique (in a edwardian romper i traded with her!) at sean's bday

teh back of monique at sean's bday

norah and martha's food

ttfn! the plane is here!

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miss sophie said...

your photos are always lovely. and i love your maria cornejo dress! still sad i missed out on one of her simple sara print dresses when it went on final sale at barneys last spring :P