Tuesday, October 6, 2009

agave nectar and honey are two completely different things

since getting the ear infection (cos this is the only one i've ever had and ohhhhhhh boy, im so glad its over!) i've been eating a lot of greek yogurt and honey. well, we ran out and my lovely friend emma, who's been staying with me for bit b/c her apt has bed bugs, bought some agave nectar. and while its nice....it doesn't have the same taste and consistency of honey. maybe i just prefer my sweeteners to be partial digested by bugs that harvest it like miners harvest salt....

but in other and better news:
i'm over my cold!! i had a wonderful weekend with my mom! i shot on film!
but mom is gone now. she stayed at the bowery hotel, so i pretty much lived there during the weekend.

we went to the jazz lawn party, my room mate's show, and did tons of shopping and eating.

here is a peek.

the bowery hotel
me in '30s vintage dress, prada heels, american apparel tights
monique in '20s dress, '20s heels

the jazz age lawn party
me in '40s, monique '20s and i actually dont know the other woman.
but what is cute about this photo is that monique's father took it!

my mom at moto- this awesome bar/resturant that looks like an abandoned building from the front

my room mate bennett's band. bennett jackson and the ranch hands. mom and i went to his show after going to moto. they played at pete's candy store- such a neat venue.

but on a completely different note:
i am kind of really over nylon. what started off as a great, interesting magazine that catered toward's artistically inclined fashion lovelies from the ages of tween to carrie bradshaw is now just kind of homogenous. i mean...all it is are graphics now and this downtown alexander wang type style. all of the fashion spreads look the same issue after issue. there isn't anything new about it. in fact, it is so "edgy" all of the time, that it's now about as artistic and clever as white bread. this isn't necessarily a bad thing- b/c you know what you are getting with nylon now- "nylon" is now creative style, i guess. but it's just boring. and there barely any fashion shoots! WTF!

but then again, i should've known it was all downhill for this issue when i saw the cover. shakes head, oh megan fox.


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