Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ear infection

i have my first ear infection. and it totally sucks. im on antibiotics and i just took five motrin and it's amazing feeling. by amazing, i mean the pain in my ear is now dull as opposed to stabbing pain. and i'm really behind on work. sigh.
but i made this tea and it's really cleared up my throat. fresh ginger (straight from chinatown), red pepper, lemon and honey. it works but tastes so weird.
anywho, i've been parked on my couch watching more and more mad men, so now im caught up. and i watched gossip girl. which is starting to get on my nerves.
it's starting to get so illogical even within the constrains of the reality that they have set up! gossip girl is getting too ridiculous for gossip girl. maybe it's jumped the shark with them in college but blair is still awesome.
sigh. i should go to the MET and sit on the steps.

also my mom comes into town this weekend, oh joy! we are going to go to a ton of different eateries and galleries. and it's the jazz age lawn party, and i have a pretty '40s dress to wear.

coco before chanel came out. i heard it wasn't that great but i still want to see it. i should just watch me and you and everyone we know and call it a day. or adam's rib. long live k. hephburn!

also, some things i want.

first row- balenciaga sunglasses, prada bag, miu miu shoes, maison martin margiela boots
second row- two sweaters by steven alan
third row- rachel comey skirt, two topshop skirts
fourth row- marni dress, jf and sons dress, two built by wendy dresses

if i had all the money in the world, if i was a wealthy girrrrrrrrrl to quote the lovely miss g. stefani. i would buy these.

i should go back to work. i am writing a prep paper about how the internet and celebrity blogs have sort of helped create these ridiculous infamous reality stars like jon and kate gosselin. how our quest for new information and toh ave it constantly creates this new aura of the celebrity b/c we want new juicy gossip that goes beyond look jennifer aniston buys grocceries, just like us! we want to know more about the aura of the star and everything they do- reality celebrities fulfill that desire.
so it works perfectly in with my future of imaging course AND my celebrity culture.



Amelia said...

That sucks. I had ear infections all the time when I was a kid, so I know your pain.

Haha, I agree. GG is getting a little ridiculous...

Isabel said...

Jon and Kate should not be famous, straight up. Have fun writing the paper, it sounds very interesting.

A Life More Fabulous said...

feel better soon! x