Saturday, February 6, 2010

oh, la

hello hellO!
this week has been rather hectic, what with finalizing my thesis but i'm almost in teh clear.
i just need to get things drum scanned, spotted, color corrected printed and framed all by the end of february or rather feb 24 (thats my deadline for myself)
i want them at the framers by feb 26th, mounted and framed by march 15, so i can put them up by march 25th.

some scans from W, which is becoming my go-to magazine
portraits of lone scherfig, jane champion and shirin neshat all by taryn simon (an amazing art photographer- i love how semi awkward these portraits look)

some outfits
including one i am wearing to another internship interview for refinery 29 (fingers crossed)

interview out fit- topshop black shirt, isabel marant dress, hansel from basel tights, rag and bone boots, vintage lanvin scarf

rachel comey sample sale dress, tatty devine necklace, rag and bone shoes

bye loves!


M. said...

love those pictures and cute outfits!

lovelove, M.

Eunice said...

another internship and senior thesis?! wowza woman, you're multitasking :))

ps it's eunice fr sayhitoeunice, btw.

CDG said...

Those rag and bone boots are amazing! And W is becoming my go to magazine as well
Love your look, i'll be following