Thursday, February 18, 2010


so yeah, its past ash wednesday and i know it's thursday
but happy belated mardi gras!
as soon as i landed on fat tuesday (back in new york city) i had to run to classes and do errands and other un-fun things when compared to the fact that carnival was still happening
well whatevs.

here are some awesome photos i took!
but maybe some explanation
some street style i shot
mardi gras is always interesting to shoot b/c it is essentially like halloween. the more ridiculous one looks, the more beads that person will catch b/c they will stand out. it's also an excuse for people to wear gold, green and purple rugby shirts. new orleans, at it's core, is super super preppy and genteel southern. we are talking seersucker suits, buckskin shoes, and collared shirts galore. the sartorialist would have a field day.
however, i tend to look for ppl that look interesting while still in an outfit. not a costume but an actual outfit.
here is what i came up with

i just realized that one girl is in there twice
oh well
okay so boy playing guitar, his name is saul, he is a street musician friends with my friends form nyc.
girl in blazer with green pin (alexander mcqueen pin apparently) works at UAL, or united apparel liquidators store. prolly the best clothing store in new orleans. where else can you find 100 dollar alexander mcqueen skirts? nowhere.
girl in lady gaga esque bow, right at buffalo exchange
and then, of course, the lovely monique.

okay so...aside from bouncing around parade routes
my mama and i went to the quarter on lundi gras (monday) and we went to UAL!
and this is what she bought me
(so it's horrible quality, i shot these in my room with no sunlight...)

phillip lim top, around 30 bucks, thakoon dress-200, marc jacobs belt- 100
i mean...this is ridiculous right? THESE ARE STEALS!!!! and all of these were semi well received and coveted pieces

mommy in the quarter in front of a mardi gras house

oh and then i went to a warehouse party
that was kind of fun. i stood on top of a punching bag to take photos. prolly not my best idea since punching bags are circular and tend to pitch and roll.
but im fine! and the photos seem to be sharp

my friends dizzy and matt

my friend bobby dressed as a cake of some sort

and look!
a float and the lovely monique

anywho, tata for now kids!
i have more work to do and not enough time to it in!


Hunter said...

so very jealous, how i miss nola

miss sophie said...

oh these are some of my favoritest photos from your adventures yet. you got some great designer pieces too i see :)