Tuesday, February 9, 2010


big breathe of air, sigh of relief
just today i dropped off the majority of my negs to be (drum roll please) DRUM SCANNED!
yes yes the end is in sight for this thesis
hell yes my friends, we are almost rounding the corner and in the clear

what hvae i been up to?

saturday i went out with my lovely prof to some sample sales (lyell) and we went to stuart and wright, then we got lunch.
i found two lovely pieces at the lyell sample sale but honestly, there wasn't much to pick from. a birdie told me that she is just making less inventory so that people don't wait around for the sample sale, apparently rachel comey is doing a similar thing. this makes sense and is down right logical, why create so much clothing that people do wait for the sample sale. however, people wait for the sample sale b/c the prices are usually too high.
its a give and take.
anywho, i will reveal what pieces i bought next week when i am in new orleans for mardi gras, live blogging. its warmer there and thus, i can wear my two lyell pieces
on the way to my interview at refinery 29 (which i am now a photo intern! starting in february! im so excited!), i went into dunderdon, right next to opening ceremony and bought my newest and favoritest dress yet
its a smock
and it was ten bucks!

dunderdon smock, rachel comey brogues, three pairs of black tights (not even kidding)

and then i've been working on this self portrait project for large format class
i'm inspired by ej bellocq (a relatively reccent discovery by lee friedlander- bellocq was from new orleans and photographed the prostitues from storyville-an area that doesnt exist anymore in nola).
here are his images

i need to somehow make mine seem semi-contemporary. not jsut a send up of old images. it will be an interesting process, to say the least
here are mine

time to leave school!
its almost midnight



Hunter said...

The third photo is one of my favorites of Bellocq’s. Hope your flight gets out to New Orleans, unfortunately mine was canceled.

miss sophie said...

oh these are so beautiful! and your interpretation of bellocq's work is so brilliantly done too. makes me wish i had majored in visual arts/photography when i was in college... *wistful sigh*

those tights on that woman in the third bellocq photo are positively killer!

maya would say said...