Saturday, February 13, 2010

RIP Mr. McQueen///// mardi gras update

what a simultaneously sad and joyous blog entry this will be.

first the bad, then some sugar to help swallow this horrible news.

alexander mcqueen committed suicide a handful of days ago.
tavi is in tears, according to her blog.
cathy horyn remorseful and saddened.
the sartorialist is somewhat shocked.
but the sartorialist really put into words how i felt.

he said and i quote " There are people in fashion I always figured I'd meet sooner or later.
I'd meet them in a very natural way (introduced by a mutual friend at a party or something) and the encounter would be so much more meaningful that way. McQueen was one of those people I felt I had time to meet. I almost wanted to save him for later. Not a conscious effort but just a concept. Well...I'm sad that won't be the case.

I hope we all remember him for the genius he brought to fashion. "

that is how i felt about owning a mcqueen. i was a fan from afar. i knew that it was always out of my budget but one day, i kenw i would have a proper occasion, to walk into the mcqueen store and really own a piece of sartioral artwork.
i have one skirt of his i bought at a liquidation store.
it is everything you would expect, impeccable made, incredible stitching, the most amazing and minute details.
it's black.
and no, its not on the blog yet.
i am saddened, definetly, by the loss of mcqueen. he consistently delivered great show after great show.
but i never knew him. and humans are mysterious creatures. we will never why or what.
long live mcqueen!


onto mardi gras.
it has been oh so cold here, unusually cold for mardi gras!
i arrived thursday night, and went to a show.
last night i went to another music show
i have been hanging out and bouncing around the marigny/bywater area and hanging out my with my musician and street performer friends.
their style is so unique, so put together while falling apart.
its equal parts dandy and punk fuck you.
i adore it.
here is seamus

more performers
the accordion player, man that boy has style and personality to boot

here are my friends jessy and dizzy playing!

some stuff i wore bouncing around
thursday night

topshop top, issey miyake skirt, rag and bone shoes
friday night

lyell romper, jeffrey campbell shoes

oh yeah
and on saturday
iris parade, float 22-b
our theme was something about bakers.
seems fitting, considering the amount of pie i bake
and also, cos we were riding this family, the brennans, who own many amazing restaurants in new orleans and one in houston.
so a pretty fitting them all around, i'd say!
me and my mommy

some stuff i shot from the float, inbetweenst tossing some beads

so just a note...beads are covered in paint. and today, it was sunny. when throwing the beads, the paint would flake off and catch the light and glitter like confetti. my entire vision, even to my periphery, only saw shiny dust. it was really lovely looking.

now im off to a brass band show with costumes.
tomorrow the goal is to look for street fashion during mardi gras, which is a unique and hard thing. you want to look awesome, b/c mardi gras is essentially like halloween but better. the goal is to look flamboyantly amazing but also be comfortable b/c you are sitting outside in the all of the elements.

see you soon!
ps im obsessed with the new tegan and sara cd "sainthood" super twee. i wont deny it.


Anonymous said...

haha! shameus! I used to date him-- remember caro.

give my love to all down there--


louise or valentine said...

dear hannah,
of course, i remember him!
we all miss your love,
caro-line (bc i bake with karo syrup- har har har)

mariam said...

nice blog :)
im new!