Sunday, October 26, 2008

some pics of london

here are some of my portraits of girls. i am exploring relationships between girls via well as the role fashion and costuming play in portiature. there isn't alot to really illustrate the theme of work. but its getting there.

and also here are my version of tourist-y images of london. there are more to come.

all the images are shot with medium format cameras (bronica, hassleblod and a rollei)

in shoreditch, near spitalfields market i want to say...

in islington

katey in my vintage hat, vintage pin on hat, her own alice roi skirt, her own tights and shoes and a miu miu sweater. shot off sloane sq in a private parking area near clivden place.

kate in my comme d'garcon play sweater, her own vintage romper and vintage belt. shot in shoreditch on cheshire st.

me in an APC dress with black tights and gray repetto shoes. shot in chelsea off the king's road.

on a different note, i've been listening to this band called slow club. they are great. and i am quite in love with this song.


Arabelle said...

you should become a photographer. these are lovely. and then once you're rich and famous, give me comme des garcon. xD

louise or valentine said...

i actually am a photographer. its what i'm studying in school.

Isabel said...

These are beautiful! Really makes me want to live in, or at least visit London!

Mimi said...

Very good shots.Love the last pic the most.The color of your dress is breathtaking.

Between your blog's really cool and I like your taste.

louise or valentine said...

gracias, thanks!

yiqin; said...

Wow, the video is awesome! I will love to move to London. Are the living expenses very high?

louise or valentine said...

compared to new york, they are. you can find cheap places to live with room mates. i'm just here on study abroad until december. and living in my dad's place, so i lucked out.