Wednesday, November 5, 2008


today, i am so excited to have an american accent ^^
anywho, i'm packing for dubai. cos i leave in two hours to go visit my dad.
today is such a monumental day for america, we elected a black president, a great president! Yes, yes we can!

i was also sick for a couple of days and working like a fiend. here are some outfits.

i had to babysit so what i wore was a vivienne westwood sweater, my favorite tights- two tone by chanel, apc shorts and grey flats. the poor baby cried for most of my sitting time cos he just couldn't figure out his new bottle. it was so sad. i was like i know you're hungry! but but try the bottle again. he's a cute kid when he's not crying.

my dad was also in town and had a wicked case of food poisoning, so i was bouncing back and forth from his hotel to my apt to take care of him.

and i was also bouncing to class as well.

black dress- marc jacobs, tights APC, hat urban outfitters, boots rachel comey

middle pic- dress marni, necklace czech costume jewelery, tights from M&S and prada shoes

last- carin wester skirt, apc sweater with a heart applique, topshop hat and shoes stolen from carolyn
i wore this to go see Kenneth Anger films at the Shunt bar, which is this underground bar in these old brick caverns. it was such a cool place.

anywho, off to dubai!


am sitting at the aiport, watching gossip girl on my laptop (i download the 2nd season on itunes b/c gossip girl doesn't seem to exist in its current season overseas. i was very upset about this. GG is my guilty pleasure, not gonna lie)

and i have to say...jenny humphrey fashions, WTF? it's like hot topic and rip off betsey johnson fashion mixed with drunk electroclas (and i was a HUGE electroclash fan). seriously. that is some fugly shit.
case in point-

i wish i could find more pictures of what she was wearing...actually i bet i could do screen captures...i'll try that.
tada! grab plus their "guerrilla" slide show=me finding styles of J HUMP designs.

now i feel a tad bit harsh ragging on a fictional character, but she is fictional. so here i go.
now, they aren't terrible. but as agnes said, "be careful, its couture."well, honey, no, it ain't. it's not couture. it's some dresses a 16 yr old made, that are supposed to be edgy but aren't so. yes, they use fun colors but they are things already being made! i could find this stuff in a thrift store or forever 21 (btw, i am not damning those places- i shop at thrift stores and forever 21). granted, not all fashion created is new and different but if i were a buyer, which would be oh so cool, i wouldn't buy this. it doesn't look made that well and the price point would be too high for the intended audience, especially when hot topic makes really similar clothes as these for a waaaay cheaper price.
i mean, i sit here typing this in a vena cava dress i paid 300 bucks for, which looks retro inspired (most of my clothes look like vintage or are vintage). it's not that ingenious, just a purple dress that resembles a fifties day dress, but its a pretty color with beautiful pleating down the front. and cap sleeves that features with different colors of eggplant on it. those details make it beauitful and i feel like the craftsmanship can be seen from far away. J HUMP's clothes...don't look made that well. and the fabric aint that great. i am just saying.

here is the dress i am wearing. it is one of my favorite dresses. random note, sometimes i'll play a game and imagine if i could only have three outfits for the rest of my life, what i wearing right now- repetto blck flats, this vena cava dress and black tights with a black vintage belt, is one of them.

anywho, those are my thoughts. god, i just love gossip girl. and blair. i love how evil blair is and how snappy she dresses.


Hannah Cheeto said...

Eww. The stuff "Jenny" designed is really ugly.

louise or valentine said...

it's totes ugly. i was just shocked by it.
it was like...really...really gossip girl costume team???

Cassie Casserole said...

I think the clothes are kinda cool actually. Nothing I would personally wear, because they are not my style. But still, they look cool. The dress I wore at my blog is from a store called Kappal, I think. I found it in my mothers closet :P

Joanna Goddard said...

you are so cute!

louise or valentine said...

aww, why thank you!