Monday, November 17, 2008

it's been a long, long time. since i've seen you smile

so i've been bogged with work! i completely forgot (well not really) that i have an essay due the 2nd of dec. along with most if not all of my work due the 28th of nov. looks like i shall be up all night tonight.
last saturday i went to paris for the day to visit my lovely friend taylor. i took a ton of pictures with my leica, which i shall post quite soon.

anywho. last week i had my big tutorial meeting, it was a six hour crit. on friday, i went out with my friend thomas, and made a new friend, martha. we went to some club/dance thing called 93 feet long, then to another club, where martha and i got in for free and so did thomas. we danced to some terrible music. the dj had no idea what he was doing. after that i slept for two hours and caught my early train to paris.
and i've been a-workin' and a-prayin' since then.

on to the outfits!

so this is what i wore to go out in on friday. i was so silly to wear heels b/c i had to wear them dancing for five hours! that's pretty intense for me.
top is from top shop
vintage belt
rachel comey "eye" skirt
repetto heels

these outfits are what i wore to class and to work in the photo lab during the week.

dress- lorick
vintage belt
topshop undershit
miu miu shoes

i just love winter shorts (thick wool with pleats and a rather boxy shape) in the colder months.
l to r
vintage thermal fuzzy pajama top
sonia rykiel shorts
vintage necklace
bunched up american socks
apc boots

monday after returning from dubai (my flight left at 3:00 am dubai landed at 7 am in london) i was so dead that i slept and just threw this on to go out and run errands.
lyell sweater shirt
american apparel tank top
apc shorts
american apparel leggings
repetto black flats

so my six hour crit. it's really all about comfort b/c i am just sitting or standing for six hours viewing people's work. and we are expected to give enthusiastic and in depth criticism for each person's work. but it's also the one of the few times i see everybody in my tutorial, so i like to look really awesome, you know, on the top of my game but still comfortable.
this is what i wore

sweater- marc by marc jacobs
shorts sonia rykiel
shirt- rachel comey "eye" shirt (i'm just in love with rachel comey)
socks- americal apparel bunched up socks
boots- vintage

so that's about it! i've just been catching up on lost sleep. which i guess is pointless now b/c im about to lose so much more sleep this week! bah. and oh well. as long as the work get's finished.



KC. said...

holy cuteness, you have the best mix and match/cute sophisticated/classy-creative sense of style

Cassie Casserole said...

I love you're skirt. Oslo was verry, verry cold, but nice. I walked 1.8 mile on one day and it was all werry lovely :)

louise or valentine said...

thanks lovelies!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Boo, you really should be a stylist, along with being a photographer.