Tuesday, November 11, 2008

worker bee

so apparently
i have a six hour crit on thursday and i need to show my work! so tomorrow, i will be printing all day just to have 6 working prints done. i want to have nine or ten images in totally but big prints. gah. i hope the crit goes okay. i think my work is going to be slightly off topic but veering towards a new topic. it was going to be about the gestural language of women. now it's portaits of women based on classical portraiture which is unfolding in a non linear narrative. it's a touch fashiony but i feel its more rooted in the work of vermeers paintings and inspired by fashion work i wish i saw but it is mainly portraiture.

so dubai was great! made some new friends (luke and ross, they work with my dad and stepmom but are 23. are a touch bro-ish but they seem quite cool). it was so warm, around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. i'm still getting used to the weather there. i honestly used to not enjoy dubai but i knew if i just had some people to go out with, i'd like it. which is true. so i proved myself correct. hah?
some pictures.
i realized i left some summer dresses there, thank god, b/c i packed tights. so i packed for colder weather. but it worked out in the end.

so my first night in town, ross took me to his friend, daliah bin laden's graduation party. yah, she's a distance niece of osama. welcome to dubai is all i can say. she was super nice and was wearing a black shirt, flared jeans and a fedora.
i wore a betsey johnson slip dress and repetto flats.

so i wore this my first day in town to go to the mall- where there is an inside fake mountain that people go skiing on. its call the mall of the emirates, i want to say.
anywho, its a steven alan skirt i left there. a phillip lim skirt and miu miu shoes.

my dad and lamees (my stepmom) got invited to a dinner party being thrown by some of their friends. i met a cousin of mario testino who said if i emailed her my CV (resume) she'd try to help me get an internship. fingers crossed, b/c i love to be his paid assistant. that would a dream come true.
anywho, its a clue shirt, my trusty repetto flats and vena cava shorts.
after the dinner party, i went over to ross's apt and watched pineapple express and gone baby gone with ross, luke and ross's room mates.
all in all, quite a fun night.

though, one of ross's room mates, gareth, has appailing taste in women. he brought home this very drunk and dumb 31 year old who didnt know what the eastern seaboard one. i was a bit of a smart ass and was like you know...it touches water, the atlantic ocean, eastern sea board?
ross was like dude. where you trying to start a fight? and i was like...no...i was just explaining it.

my last day in town, thats my step sister cutting up and mugging for the camera and her friend with her
i am wearing a vintage skirt, fred perry shirt and the repetto flats.


tomorrow, i shall print!!!
oh my.

but for now, i'll finish watching silence of the lambs on tv. jodie foster has such an unfortunate haircut in this. o

ps. some pictures of my dad's backyard in dubai.

so i got bored in my room in dubai. and took this...


Amelia said...

Great outfits. I love the one with the plaid blouse--lovely skirt.

Leigh said...

Such a wonderful photograph!!

Carolyn said...
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Isabel said...

You have the loveliest clothes. And I think your hair is excellent!

louise or valentine said...

aw, thanks lovely!