Wednesday, November 19, 2008

on the way to prague

so im off to prague tomorrow! i should be sleeping but honestly i have to be at victoria station by 4:30 am so i am waking up at 3 am. so in two hours. ahh. yes, i shall be sleeping much tonight.
anywho, i am uploading my pictures of paris onto flickr and a couple onto here! so paris was great and i just went for a day to visit taylor and take some portraits for my class. but we ended up exploring. i was feeling a bit down and i wasn't sure why. i thought maybe i just wasn't happy with london or central st martins. NYU's photo lab is just better than CSM's. however than makes sense, b/c CSM is just a fine arts program but NYU is specifically a photo program. thus, my tution money goes just towards photo. anywho, the lab at CSM, the equipment is rather old. and that has made things difficult. but seeing taylor, a close friend of mine from nyu, made things better. maybe i was just homesick. but taylor is one of the nicest people i know, she just cheered me up. i really missed her. we are going to hang out in texas over christmas break! we ate pain au chocolat and cafe au lauits and lemon tarts and falafel. we also took pictures at taylor's friend hannah's apt and i went and bought some lovely shoes at repetto. all in all, a lovely visit!

me in paris

pants prada
shirt urban outfitters
shoes thrifted marc jacobs
jacket built by wendy

i wanted to look influenced by europe, if that makes sense? at least, thats how i viewed the pants. it was a more sophisticated look for me. the pants remind me of charlie chaplin but arent as retro inspired as i normally dress and they are pants. they are a drop crotch with pleats on the front and a high waist. tapered at the ankle, they are made of stretch silk and hit three inches above my ankle. kind of awesome. all in all, i really loved this look.

some pictures of france. which can also be seen at
so i pretty much walked around and took pictures of things i thought were interesting. it's been a long time since i've done that. just taken pictures for the hell of it. not with any sort of idea in mind. it was nice.
tonight i went and did some night photography for myself. with photo, it's something i love and want to do as a career but also as a hobby. it stresses me out when i have assignments but also calms me down.

here are some pics of paris.

also here are somethings i wore this week ^^

shirt: james coviello for anna sui
skirt: marni
shoes: repetto jazz shoes that i purchased in paris!

headband: marni
shirt: comme ca play
skirt: phillip lim
shoes: christian louboutin

anywho. i should sleep. i'll get about two hours (woot). my trip will tire me out. i'll post bout that later.

love and such,
caroline who is bringing a disposable camera to prague and is turning 21 on teh 22nd (!!)

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Love your outfits! :D