Thursday, October 16, 2008

hello again...

so i've been shooting like a fiend and got my camera fixed. then i thought it was still broken, yelled at someone over the phone and made a complete and utter ass of myself. wow, dont i feel like a polite, southern young lady?
i'm a touch ashamed of myself. but at least my camera is fixed! and i can use it.
slowly but surely the portrait project is coming along.

anywho, i've been out shooting a lot. so my outfits have been functional but still trying to be great looking. all of these are incredibly functional for school but i've been trying to introduce color into my wardrobe since london seems full of black and gray.
what's also strange is the weather. its cold but not too cold. i need something slightly heavier than a sweater, but not a coat. almost like a thick wool sweater. so i'm on the look out. my dad said to go get one and one that's a nice, heavy one. so i'm thinking about trekking to the marc by marc store here, HOWEVER i do know it'll be cheaper if i had just bought one in the states. o, rats! and applesauce!

orange printed dress
dress- rachel comey
black tights
pink repetto shoes (all from raye in houston,

gray dress- karen walker (from jumelle in brooklyn.
green tights- topshop
hat- topshop
shoes- 7 pound shoes i bought in brick lane

pink shirt with black detailing- a/w marc by marc jacobs 08
high waisted pants- grey ant (from raye in houston)
shoes- repetto)

hat- urban outfitters
top- marc by marc jacobs
sweater- forever 21
shorts- miu miu
shoes- miu miu
brooch- vintage, M for mammary glands

blue dress- lyell
belt- vintage
shoes- repetto

dress- mayle
belt- vintage
shoes- marc jacobs

on my way outdoors to shoot (am wearing the highwaisted pants with pink top right now!)


Kate said...

PANTS!? That's fucked up.

Also, don't go to Marc by Marc you fool. Go to something that's only in London so you can't regret not walking up Bleecker St when you could have. And also seeing the exact same sweater for half the price when you get home.

louise or valentine said...

i know! me in pants makes the world seem strange. like its flat.

and i am a fool! i think i may hit up topshop, which is also coming to the states..but still very enjoyable.