Saturday, October 25, 2008

colds colds colds

i got muhself a cold here in jolly ole londontown. caleb and i went out last night in shoreditch and got home at 3 am, i feel asleep around four. it was a good night! we made some new friends, hung out with my friend katey, it was nice. once home, i slept and slept and slept. he is currently out exploring and i am blowing my nose here. damn this cold!
hopefully tonight we'll see tilly and the wall
i am also currently watching the gilmore girls.
i think caleb and i are going to go out and explore and get tea. oh, what joy for tea when i am sick!
the photo project continues, i promise i'll post such things soon.i just don't have a lot of images thus...i would like to update when i have more. anywho, i think its going well. carolyn give me some ideas and i am going to try to photograph her mother's bridge group- its all older american ladies living in london. i am quite excited.

onto the outfits!

the orange skirt
so i had to run into school to scan while caleb explored yesterday and then we ran to shoreditch for awesome tea.

skirt- prada
hat- topshop
shirt- american apparel
shoes- stolen from carolyn (^^)
necklace- czech costume jewelery

green outfit
what i am wearing today while we explore cos caleb leaves tomorrow. i am wearing socks with my shoes b/c they are a touch small and rub blisters. the socks plus tights will help stretch the shoes out

green dress- ebay 3.1 philip lim
hat topshop
belt- vintage
socks- hansel from basel
shoes repetto

and here are some shots of london people. i went exploring a couple of weeks ago in shoreditch around spitalfields market. enjoy!

have a wonderful day,


Cassie Casserole said...

Hey, thanks for the comment :) The dress (or, it's really a top but I bought it in large and use it as a dress) is from a store called Cubus, donnu, but I think it only excists in Norway.

louise or valentine said...

looks like i have yet another reason to visit norway!

yiqin; said...

I havent even found a lace skirt & you've found a orange one?!!? Ah its awesome.