Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bianca and Sean, Houston, or Me, Caroline, Getting Nostalgic About High School

These photos epitomize what I love about Houston or rather why it will always have a soft spot in my heart. I moved to Bunker Hill, a suburb of Houston but still considered a part of Houston, from New Orleans when I was eight. My mom thought we would only be in Houston for two years, enough time for my dad to set up the Houston office of his work place, and then move back to New Orleans. Two years ended up becoming ten years and then I went off to college. In high school, I dressed like a decora kid from Fruits magazine and I loved punk music. Houston, since it was so big, allowed me to dress any way I want and I didn't have to worry about my mother's friends would say if they saw me, b/c the odds of me running into them across town was slim to none. And since Houston was so large and we were a pretty far drive from Austin, it had a great music scene and all the bands I would like there on tour. Bianca and Sean, in the above photographs, remind me of my friends from high school. Some of them I don't speak to anymore, we fall out or "broke up" in the heartbreaking way that high school friendships end sometimes for one reason or another. Some of my high school friends are like my family and I can't imagine my life without them. Regardless, even though I don't live in Houston anymore, I feel pretty grateful for spending my awkward years there. It was a great place to run around, be exposed to art, to hear music, specially punk music in shitty clubs and go to all ages shows. It was kind of awesome.

And for good measure, here's a photo of me from high school that my sister recently posted on facebook.

 Clearly, I'm the one with the green hair. The girl in red shorts is my sister, and the girl in blue jeans is our friend Hannah. We were on a roadtrip with Hannah's mom. PS I'm wearing a Harry Potter tee shirt, cut off jeans underneath my pink Betsey Johnson skirt, black and white striped socks and my worn out black converses with bright pink laces that i wrapped around my ankles. I am too cool for words.

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