Friday, September 30, 2011

Theyskens' Theory vs Theory

Today I was invited to a Theory event at Saks. I showed up, and I was super excited since I had seem some of the new Theory, which I had assumed it was Theyskens' Theory. Turns out, it was just normal Theory. There was this amazing sheer collared button down in a photographic glitter explosion print, in addition to leather mini skirts, velvet blazers and sleeveless wool drop waist dresses. 

A lot of these elements, leather, velvet, sheered collared shirts, and drop waist dresses are present in Theyskens' Theory. My theory on Theory, as clever and pun-y as that sounds, is that the success of Theyskens' Theory and the obsessive cult following it has garnered has gotten the attention of the bigwigs at Theory. If adding more of a "Theyskens" edge to normal Theory, while still keeping true to the basics that Theory sells, might add to an increase in sales, then why not do it? This is an idea that I like because, honestly, I have always found Theory useful but boring and staid. If a woman needs a slim cut suit, you go to Theory. If a woman wants a unique piece of clothing, it wasn't going to be Theory, until recently. What Theyskens is doing with contemporary fashion is brilliant or rather that he was hired at Theory is brilliant. Why not try to make basics more interesting and unique while still staying true to the brand?
Why not indeed!


from Theory's own website.

Theyskens' Theory

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