Sunday, April 26, 2009

hot hot heat

summer is here!
it was 85 degrees today, but i stayed indoors, writing a never ending paper. this will be a slow week for me (in terms of updates) because i have so much work due. more photos to edit, photos to print, resumes to hand out, papers to write, life(s) to live!

but somethings

so. two weeks ago, i helped my friend taylor photograph for her large format project. she was essentially shooting with a pinhole camera but using 4 x 5 negatives. the black and white image is what she took, while the color is from my disposable camera. taylor let me style myself, and i rather enjoyed our collaboration. taylor is very much into telling a narrative within her images and is less concerned with a lot of the technical details. she purposely wanted these fuzzy to make the images seem older- of an different era in photography and in life, which really gives these an ethereal quality. the styling was based of theda bara.

im wearing an araks bra, 1920's romper, a 1940's spring wedding headdress, and pearls i bought in china

taylor as the virgin mary.

me wearing an araks bra, vena cava shorts, chinese pearls, a necklace with a vintage pocket knife and 1940s wedding headdress

same as above but with vintage fur wrapped around my shoulders. and an elephant necklace on my head

and some outfits

this is what i call my pj look. it's dubbed that b/c i sleep in the tee shirt i'm wearing and this skirt is so comfortable, that it's like wearing pjs. in fact, i wore this twice last week.
tee shirt- built by wendy
hat- top shop
skirt-thrifted chanel cashmere skirt
tights- American Apparel
shoes- miu miu

the exposures for taylor's project were about 30 seconds. so this is me shooting into her mirror in her apt. i'm wearing an alexander wang dress with a vintage belt.

now. i must return to editing my paper and being a (semi) decent student!
but on a sad note, i went to mayle's last sample sale. i will write about that in a few days and post photos of what i purchased as well as photos from the event.



katemonstergrr said...

Car - Those photos are beautiful! I especially love the first one.


miss sophie said...

love these photos - you're so creative :)

do tell us about the last mayle sale. i only discovered the label last year, but from what i've seen it's sad indeed that jane mayle is leaving the business...

Austere said...

Those photos are unbelievably gorgeous. You look very fairy like.