Saturday, May 23, 2009

school was busy and i am a terrible blogger

school was rather busy and then i went home for a week to just hang out in the sunshine of texas.

so,mayle has closed! it was rather sad. i stood in line for 6 hours, thats right kids, 6 hours! i stood with one very brave soul, young, and well, we finally got in! i got there at about 11 or was it noon? and was let into the store by 5 or 6. it was a mad house, people grabbing things, trying on clothes in front of everyone. but i bought some rather nice pieces. there was one jacket i was unsure about but i bought it and i think i will rather enjoy it in fall.

here are the photos taken by young of the mayle waiting experience.

young and me. she's wearing a mayle bag. i am wearing a vintage ysl shirk, lanvin flats, boy by band of outsiders trench, fred perry shirt, my ray bans and a vintage lanvin scarf as well as my trusty school bag that used to be my mom's.

waiting to get in at mayle

the show room!

anywho and here is what i bought (well a few of what i bought) and how i was wearing it.
i bought two dresses (one isn't pictured, i brought it home to texas), a jacket (also in texas), two tops and a pair of pants.
these pants really are my new favorite trousers. first of all, they are a lovely slate blue color with smart little buttons on the cuffs.

this shirt is pinned back. it actually hangs down in the front and is rather blousey. but i thought it had a rather edwardian quality to it. so i pinned it back with bakelite pins.
mayle shirt
american apparel skirt
lanvin flats

my new favorite dress. its rather low cute, so i wear a lacey beige bra with it, that is sometimes visible.
mayle dress
vintage hermes scarf
chuck taylor shoes
american apparel tights
forever 21 sweater

sitting in my friend sterling's lobby. well, erm her building's lobby. isn't it gorgeous?

sterling's room mate was having a birthday get together. so i went from work to the party and this is what i wore.
my new favorite pants- mayle
cheap monday shirt
lanvin flats
lanvin scarf
chanel jacket

so in one week, i wore these trousers twice. i usually don't wear things twice in one week, let alone twice in one month. but i've worn these pants in the past month five times. which is a lot for me.
anywho, i had a presentation for class and i wore this.
mayle shirt (from mayle sample sale) and mayle pants
vintage locket from hannah clark.
pearls from china
sigerson morrison gladitor sandals.

i'm sad mayle is closed. to quote the leader singer of blonde redhead, Kazu Makino, says that mayle clothes are like secret weapons. and she is true. they are things you can pack on vacation, to wear for special events and know that you will look grand. mayle dresses and clothes never clutch at your body, they fall and caress. her clothing are like little pieces of art. and i always feel special when i wear them. while they are expensive, they are what fashion is meant to be- i feel special and wonderful wearing them.


and now, im off to get drinks with a friend.

will post polaroids of what i've been up to probably in three or two days!

sincerely yours,


lucille said...

You look great !!

Amelia said...

I love all of your outfits. Other than all of that waiting, this sounds really fun.

louise or valentine said...


Austere said...

Glad that you're back and youh ad a great time! I like that cream tank top.

christina said...

You look amazing! You should post your shots in mayle on the flickr group site! There's also a discussion board.

louise or valentine said...

thanks christina!! i will