Monday, June 8, 2009

my friend photographed me

sorry again for the long pause inbetween postings!
my friend marissa photographed me for her lighting class.
consider these portraits of myself and style, i guess.
most of my room is pretty much a closet. most of my money is spent on clothes anyway. but it really is something i enjoy. i've debated about tallying up the amount of money, time and effort i spend on my wardrobe and clothes but realized that that would be a rather large, scary sum and it's something i enjoy, so why try to measure what makes me happy?
it would be like trying to figure out how much time i spend on photography, it would be too large of a sum.

vintage dress
rachel comey shoes
3.1 phillip lim belt

that night, i actually had a prom themed party and a barbeque to go to. so i wore this dress, bc it seemed to fit both themes pretty well
vintage dress
repetto shoes
chinese pearls

vintage hat
porridge tank top
marc jacobs sweater
H&M skirt

me sitting in my clothing rack
a betsey johnson romper

cheap monday tank top
BOY by band of outsiders skirt
rachel comey shoes

the following pictures are my favorite, as well as my favorite outfit. we just kept changing the lighting and playing around. thats the great thing about lights- you can do so much with them and they are so controlled.

lyell tank top (bought it at sample sale last week)
vintage collar/neckalce
marni skirt (also on sale!)
urban outfitters clutch
rachel comey shoes

i went this amazing thing last weekend. it ws the 4th annual jazz age lawn party, i shall post pictures probably weds! it was such great fun. i took tons of pictures and portraits. i brought out my hassleblod and ran into bill cunningham! he photographed my friend monique and myself.

see you soon!


Isabel said...

Those pics are beautiful! Your room basically looks like clothes heaven. I spend all my money on clothes too, so I know exactly how you feel!

Amelia said...

It's so cool that you went to the jazz-age party. I just posted on it--I would love to go sometime. Your clothes are so nice! I love the Lyell top and the picture with the vintage hat.

Mel said...

Love the photographs!!! I love that first yellow dress!