Thursday, June 18, 2009

another pause

so sorry for the other long pause, i went to florida!
it was great though i got sunburned.
i've decided to get a digital camera, now i just must save up the funds. in addition to a digital camera, i think i am going to buy some lights. i think these would be good investments.

here are some polariods that i've taken.

this is me on my final day of portraiture class, if you look closely, you can see some of my images
rachel comey dress

my portraiture class and teacher, in the middle of a crit.

this is me at, i guess what one could describe as my bar, moonshine. my friends play a free show every wednesday in redhook, brooklyn () and after the show, we go to the bar next door called moonshine.
i'm wearing a 3.1 phillip lim shirt, chloe sevigny for opening ceremony skirt and some tights that i've just beaten to death. that lovely wallet i'm holding, i lost later that week. it was vintage and iloved it. and i was way more upset to have lost my wallet than my credit cards and ID.

my friend bobby playing at jalopy. he's playing the rebetika, a greek style of music and intstrument. he's kind of a hoot, a little crazy but a totally hoot.

mayle dress, rachel comey bag, repetto shoes
i'm near tompkins park, outside of a diner/bar that we often frequent called odessa.

my friends inside of odessa.

at the dreamland orchestra gala, a while ago. it was held to raise money for the 4th annual jazz age lawn festival that just happened! i'll post pics soon. i need to scan some negatives.
anywho, i'm wearing a dress by sir (found it in a lovely thrift store), my friend martha (in the middle) is wearing topshop and the lovely monique is wearing '20s vintage.

martha and monique in front of a 1921 studebaker. monique always dresses like she is from the '20s. i love her. we went biking and she wore a 1920s bathing suit with slip on vans, a sweater and very very round glasses. i am going to dedicate a post in honor of our shenanigans soon.

michael arenella and his dreamland orchestra, folks!
i've never had as much fun doing the charleston. what a great conductor and singer.

the cigarette lady at the gala.

i really enjoy looking at people's polariods as well as peoples photo albums and pictures of their childhood. that's why i posted some other photos i have taken. these are great, they could've been composed better but i think they are interesting and maybe you all will enjoy these.

ta ta! i'm off to explore brighton beach with some of my russian friends. in the rain. i'm bringing my hassleblod.


Isabel said...

Oh dear, pictures are so much cooler when they're in polaroid form! I really like your ripped tights in the "bar scene" picture.

a frock a day said...

You have such a wonderful style. And I love your photos. You make me miss NY.