Thursday, April 16, 2009

oh i'll twine with my mangles of waven black hair...

i've been in a huge carter family mood. this old school country phase started with jenny lewis, gained speed this summer with bob dylan, started to reach the summit with all my friends that play folk and now i think it's close to climax with the carter family. i love old school country. maybe i should just give into my texas roots.
also, i love dolly parton. she is amazing and so funny.

also, i've decided to learn the ukelele (which i have rented one) and am going to play at the grand ole opry. or i'll make a set that looks like the grand ole opry and photograph myself playing there.

good idea, yes?

the carter family!
such amazing women
this is mother maybelle with anita, helen and june (as in june carter cash, johnny cash's wife)

jenny lewis and the watson twins.
i am lusting over a dress like that. does anybody know how to search/describe that dress on ebay? i am drawing so many blanks.

my version of it!

polka dot vintage dress
3.1 phillip lim belt
american apparel tights
repetto shoes
this is in my room again. i really love this photo.

also, it's getting warmer in NYC. that means spring is almost here!



Amelia said...

The light in that picture is great! I love the dress.

faddict said...

The ukulele looks like such a fun instrument to play! Love the photos of you in your room, the bicycle in the corner is a cool touch!

Austere said...

The light on the dress really shows how pretty it is, the ukele is such a cool instrument to learn how to play. Very random.

louise or valentine said...

i am a random girl! however...the ukelele is also a fairly easy instrument to learn....
i think i just need to run to nashville and buy a dress like the one jenny lewis is wearing!

miss sophie said...

hey i just stumbled upon your blog - your photos are amazing! and i love that you're a steven alan girl too :)

katemonstergrr said...

I love Dolly Parton so much.

Phuongalong said...

aw you look so sweet.

Market Publique said...

That dress is awesome! I also love your dress!

I would search for bell sleeve and/or guipure lace for that mint green one... also empire waist? It looks real 60s, so it may be worth refining by that era.

If it's the lace you're lusting after, I would check out this dress: