Sunday, April 12, 2009

some more photos

im on the look out for an amazing pair of heels that are comfortable. i am thinking i should just bite the bullet and buy some marni's. i hear they are ridiculously comfortable and they are so awesome looking. but i wear a size 41, so they seem really hard to find on sale. i guess i am going to have to ebay.
but i've been saving for a i can get a really amazing pair of designer shoes, but i want to shop around. i know i want them to be platforms, b/c stiletto heels plus new york city equals probably the worst idea in the entire world. i really just need things to be comfortable and comfort is key. i also were a ton of vintage and i need a shoe that is modern but can go well with things. i guess any ole pair of shoes can go with whatever, it's a lot about color and shape. what i have in mind is this amazing art deco dress (see below) and i want a beautiful modern shoe to go with it. anywho...i've got time and i should shop around.
but comfort is way more important than anything. b/c i live in brooklyn and i need to stop taking cabs. a lot less.

i really love these shoes chloe shoes.

courtesy of the cherry blossom girl!

oh and some things i've been wearing.

tsumori chisato shirt
apc winer shorts
moicun leggings
tom shoes
boy by band of outsiders trench
and my room mate taking the picture
this is my fire escape.

the art deco dress. shot through my window via my fire escape. i'll talk a better picture later.

this is my favorite. i thought about making this black and white but i do really love it in color.

see you soon!
also what are y'alls opinions about shoes. comfy heels. is that even logical?



Amelia said...

I love all of The Cherry Blossom Girl's shoes. I'm so envious. I like your trench, too.

I really hate shoes right now as my right foot is still a tiny bit swollen and sore from the foot surgery I had 9 months ago (!). I can't wait for my foot to finally heel up and allow me to wear heels again. Good luck with your shoe search.

louise or valentine said...

thanks love! so into comfort that i barely wear heels. when i do wear heels, it only for four hours and i have to take cabs. i found a pair of kitten heels by marni that are too ridiculous but i feel like if i am going to buy a pair of designer shoes, they should be HEELS. we shall see, anyway.