Friday, April 10, 2009

i've been shooting only film lately.

hey kids,
i've been hard at work with school. mainly just scanning negatives and spotting them, re-arranging all of my new orleans work into clusters so it flows better. but i took time out of my school schedule and interning at maxim to visit yale! and also, go shopping.
one of my dearest friends, hannah, goes to yale. i just can't say enough amazing things about her. she's so talented (she has a book of poetry out- you can buy it here- and she is my style twin. we have very similar brains. i dunno, its hard having to describe someone you are incredibly close with online for those who have never met them. but i photographed her, b/c her style is so amazing and she is someone who i care about. i hope my portraits did her justice.
oh and i also went to yale to check out their MFA program for photography. it's my dream to go there. i'm going to move back to the south once i graduate, but just for a year, to build my portfolio for yale. i am pretty serious about this.

but onto the visual, less of the literary.

ben (hannah's other half) pretending to be bob dylan and me outside of his apartment building in new haven.
i am wearing:
vintage hermes scarf as a head band (borrowed from my mommy)
pants- steven alan
socks- antipast
shoes- repetto
sweater- vintage
shirt- sunshine and shadow

hannah and ben (i know hannah is probably like great picture caroline but it shows off her outfit!!)
vintage blazer
vest from ireland when she was 8, i think
anti past tights (like mine)
prada skirt (she wore this to prom! what a great lady)
old repetto shoes
ray ban sunglasses

hannah's amazing hat! i took this after we made dinner, which was delicious. homemade mac and cheese, collared greens and hannah's amazing pie.

me in ben's apt (hannah stays over there a lot, b/c dorms are small and terrible, whereas ben's apt is happy and big)
rachel comey dress
vintage slip
american apparel leggings
topsop hat

i took a couple of pictures of hannah in ben's bathroom. she just looks so otherwordly, as if the 1930s were suddenly personified in today's times. i feel like people, when looking at her, can tell she is an artist or a writer, that she projects this mystique and knowledge. i have more images but i felt like this is the one i should upload to my blog. the other ones are slightly more explicit but there is also something child like and serenely beautiful and candid about this one. i like the color palette in the image as well as how i composed it.
then again, i'm biased.


Isabel said...

I love your pictures!

Amelia said...

Yale would be so nice. I love the last picture, too. It's very timeless.

Thanks for the advice on my photo project. It is just several random images that express humanity, which I think is what's making it hard. I'm used to working in sets where each photo can build off the others to create the concept, rather than stand alone. Plus, my prof this quarter is really stressing composition above all else, which I'm not used to. Anyway, I might post photos on my blog, if I have anything worthy.

v said...

love the last one

miss sophie said...

love this series of photos - what kind of camera do you use?

and the SA cuffed pants look adorable on you!