Sunday, April 5, 2009

mo' houston

more of shooting in houston!
more of my house. i did a little photo shoot. anywho..i'll have more of a real post soon.

the picture in teh background, which is obscured by light, is the first vintage poster i ever bought. it's a blonde girl from the '20s and its her profile.
prada skirt
steven alan shirt
vintage belt
old, old repetto shoes

forever 21 sweater turned into a cap
prada skirt- the first designer thing i ever purchased on my own
cheap monday shirt from raye
slow and steady wins the race birkin bag- from raye

vintage dress (from '60s, neiman marcus)
opening ceremony shoes
that picture, which is amazing, was left behind when we moved into our house! so of course, i asked/demanded that it be put in my room

cheap monday shirt from raye
pour la victorie dress- raye
repetto that i stole from my sister
this is my amazing front door.

anywho, im editing a lot of things that i have been shooting in new orleans. and i just got back yesterday from visiting yale. i stayed with my dearest friend hannah and i checked out yale's MFA program for photography. that's a dream of mine. fingers crossed.



Amelia said...

I cannot believe this is your house! You're so lucky. The hall in the 2nd picture is amazing. I'm totally jealous of the Prada skirt, too.

louise or valentine said...

my house is kind of ridiculous. before we renovated it, i was convinced it was haunted. it's sad that my mom is selling it, but it's too big for just her and occasionally my sister and i.

Austere said...

Jeez, you house is absolutely gorgeous! The hall is something you read about in books. Lovely style.

Twobreadsplease said...

I love your outfits, I am ridiculously in love with the red lace skirt. x

Isabel said...

Eek! Prada skirt? Your wardrobe is to die for.

From Me said...

My name is Jamie, I met you at the Governor's Island Jazz fest. I love your blog posts, especially the ones you do of yourself/your outfits. I'm inspired! Also, I loved the photos form Houston in your parent's amazing house, I'm also from Texas but DFW. Check out my blog as well!
It was great to meet you and I'd love to see your photos from last weekend!