Friday, March 5, 2010


this week has been somewhat of a blur
a blur of crazy catch-up, photo shoot planning, and not doing homework doing.
but that's alright, b/c things are slowing down.
i start interning at refinery 29 this tuesday, which is quite exciting.
today i did some shooting for them, i hope they like what i shot.

i did a photo shoot last week for lighting class
my goal was to a) show that i can light fairly well with two lights and a reflector (check)
b) do a nylon esque shoot at alisha's house (check)
as much as i loved shooting alisha's house, it didn't take much effort. but i am ready to start branching out and doing some shooting with large format film, outside, different styling. something more lula esque, like non-linear abstractive pictorial narratives based on fairy tales. like modern day fairy tales. those are the upcoming shoots i've been planning.
here ya go

some stuff i wore this week

urban outfitters hat
ebay marni shirt
ebay chanel skirt
hansel from basel tights
repetto shoes

new favorite gap tank top
hansel from basel tights
marni skirt
repetto shoes

ta ta lovelies!


Diya said...

I love that second shot (with the stuffed animals)! you did a good job.

ps. if you have a minute please check out my blog:

Simes. said...

Loved the pictures, great blog btw, check out ours whenever you want, we invite you to follow it.