Friday, March 12, 2010

beep blurrr

beeep beep beep blurrrrr whirl beeep bop bop
...caroline is still alive...but barely! however...spring break is here
static static crackle pop


some lovely little things i'm obsessed with and cant stop thinking about

a photography by my friend michael george
i want this tattoo...and i am so vehemently opposed to neck tattoos but this one is just graceful and stunning

prada fall '11

marni fall '11

a large format image of my friend hannah's family

a gary winogrand scan

this lovely photographer viktoria sorochinski
....her images are about maturing feminity, generational gaps between young parents and young children, and she is interested in pyschological conflicts, weaknesses, strengths, pathologies and more than anything, people bonding with one another...

was born in the ukraine, lived in russia until she was ten, and then moved to israel. has a masters of art from nyu.

i find her images off putting and slightly disturbing, particularly when consideing that the father and child in her photographs are actually father and child. but i like these. i like the composition, i like how things are off-putting, i like this dark story it's tellingand ilove how detailed her photographs are.
ilookat these and i want to make them.
i especially like the influence of costume and how cinametic these look. you can tell she is influenced by modern film and story telling.
if i were a fashion photogrpaher, i would want to make work similar to these. things very layered, where the clothing and set are equally as important as the composition and subject matter.
my teacher was saying the other day that my style and tendency is go to all the way with imgaes that create semi narratives, i'll fill in teh gaps but that is just my style. dark or light nonsensical fairy tales or stories...

beep beeep whuuuuurl

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miss sophie said...

that family portrait photo is so great. it reminds me of a vintage pic you'd see in a personal profile article about an immensely talented and accomplished person in the New Yorker. :)