Monday, March 29, 2010

a sneak peek at my thesis and a couple of images i shot a while ago

until i can upload all the images individually which will be thursday most likely

imagine if you will
thursday of last week
our twee heroine wakes up early, and dresses. she traipses to brooklyn quickly for a shoot. this shoot ends up taking over her life from the hours of 11-6 pm. her show starts at 6 and her class at 2. post shoot, fixing the images and arranging them, all hell breaks lose. our heroine doesn't understand what the client wants, the client doesn't understand the questions the heroine is asking. oh jeez and oh no.
but never fear.
she is grace under fire. running around in the cat print miu miu skirt, j. crew button down, and hermes twilly (also cat print), a smile remains fixed on her face while she multi tasks. class ends early and our girl heroine turns into a LADY heroine with 6 inch platform marni shoes to complete the look.
with her wine in hand and her mother and grandmother around, our lady heroine is quite happy with her thesis, which is aptly named foundations and is about the culture of her family, particularly focusing on portraits of her grandmother, mother and aunt.

marni shoes, j crew shirt, hermes twilly, miu miu skirt

and b/c i was lacking some content
some really old photos i took of my friend lilly

ta ta!
i have ANOTHER Show going up this thursday at the calumet gallery space!
it's nude self portraits
if you are in nyc, come out and see it!


sarah said...

i don't know what to be happier about: that gorgeous miu miu skirt, the fact that you were gracious under pressure (something i can never accomplish!), or that your thesis photos are amazing! oh, how i would love to have a print of one of those in my home one day.

louise or valentine said...

i usually just feel really bad when i mess up for internships, quite honestly. so i'm always stumbling over myself to be like oh no, let me do it again, so sorry! cos...usually the mistakes are so obvious but are a result of not having the directions properly outlined and the assumption that i've done whatever task before when usually i haven't.

however, cat print miu miu skirts make everything SO much better.

sarah said...

me again! i couldn't find an email address on your page, so i thought i would just leave a comment...

i have been asked to take part in an Art Exchange, and part of the exchange is passing it on to a few other bloggers to create kind of a mass web of art-exchanging... Would you be interested? just email me and let me know!


miss sophie said...

oh congrats!! you must be so happy to be done with your thesis after so much time and work :D

i'll def have to try to stop by your other gallery show - and love your miu miu skirt too!