Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i can eat sugar again!

because lent is over!!

in celebration of lent being over, my lovely facebook wife, katelyn, came into town for friday and saturday. then, on sunday i went to the easter parade to see a 20's band play- michael arnella and the dreamland orchestra. it was hot, lovely and crowded. to cool off, irene (with the carmen miranda hat), monique (a lovely lavender) and myself took cover in the university club. sipping on whiskey and mimosas, we mingled and chatted in the lovely AC and watched the revery from the windows. but once we discovered the bathroom, of course we mad a mini-photo shoot.
the usual debauchery took place. posing for photos, talking about our lives whilst drinking jim beam and eating pomme frites. trekking to brooklyn, there and back again, all over. wearing deer spines on necklaces and naked lady collars.
it was a great weekend.

katelyn, in vintage fur and found deer bones from her forest in PA

my newest purchase! sort of broke the bank on this one...but it was worth it

similarly scented facebook wives! katelyn in vintage, myself in lewis tap shorts, rag and bone boots, an on sale urban outfitters top, miu miu collar

modeling with my favorite chloe perfume that katelyn and i doused one another in. we smelled like classy, older women

me as audrey horne. gap shirt, vivienne westwood skirt, prada thigh highs, repetto shoes, my favorite type of tart apples


later on in the evening, there was a lovely dinner get together in brooklyn heights. all of the men from the band continued to play into the evening, well after we had finished all the champagne. we ended up sitting on the stoop at some point, eating chips and drinking rum. the evening air was cool and we decided to head to a diner. it was a wonderful end to a very anachronistic and beautiful day.

michael arnella dancing with mary laura.

drew nugent on the piano

and just for the kiddies

coffee and pie, oh my.



Eunice said...

i never really noticed it but your large cat eye glasses are beautiful!

Le Jardin said...

miu miu collar. thumbs up

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