Friday, April 23, 2010

holly fulton and cool tights

i was perusing coolhunting and stumbled upon this.
holly fulton
which makes me more excited to visit europe this summer.
holly fulton's s/s2010 was inspired by an imaginery trip to new york city.
i love the whimsy/futuristic look of this collection that heavily recalls cartoon imagery, photographs of new york city arichetcture and imagination. the bright colors, prints and silhouettes of the collection are fun but thought out, the dresses are very unique but don't seem to overwhelm the models, which is important. even with the bright colors and prints, the dresses don't wear the wearer. maaaaaan, i wish browns would sell these online. better start saving up for it.
the one i'm lusting after is look number 4. the heat here in the summer can get unbearable and this looks (looks being the KEY word here) looks lightweight.

doesn't it look quite lightweight?

anywho, here are some tights i wore this week

chanel tights from two years ago

eley kisimoto- black tights with glitter horses on them

and a bit of russian animation that i'm obsessed with. this video is one of three parts on youtube.

now i'm off to school to print things 20in x 24in

ta ta

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