Thursday, April 15, 2010

went to a fashion party, oh la la

last night i went to a fashion party thrown by rogan/loomstate in honor of earth day. it was hosted by the loomstate and pamela love. i met the street peeper and we talked about fashion blogging, it was pretty super awesomely interesting. it was topical, i'd say.
here are some photos. there was a massive drum circle and it nearly blew out my ears. but it was cool! you could feel the beat reverberating in your belly.

it was fun but i had to skaddadle right home for my room mates 23rd bday!
i was late, i felt bad.
i guilt pretty easily >.<

these are for aviva
printed tights.
aviva is the queen of printed tights.
inspired by her

prada thigh highs worn today, repetto shoes

tsumori chisato tights, rag and bone shoes, worn yesterday for the loomstate party

hansel from basel tights, repetto shoes worn on tuesday

apc shoes that cut up my feet (should i sell them????) and hue socks from ricky's

well, i'm off to go do a photoshoot in aviva's apt!
i'll post pics of that soon.
ta ta,


Moya said...

Love them all. Sell the shoes but only if you can't find a way to stop them cutting up your feet. I have some Chie Miharas I have to sell for the same reason--cute but I had to call Evan to ask him to bring me another pair from home as my feet were on the verge of bleeding.

miss sophie said...

ooh such lovely party photos! :) and your printed tights are pretty rad!

i need to work more patterns in my spring wardrobe...

Michele said...

Looove your tights. Somehow I can't make over the kneesocks work, but you're rocking them! xxx

Isabel said...

Oh man, Elizabeth from White Lightning was at that event! She was tweeting about it - did you see her, by chance?

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are so nice though...


Nadir H. said...