Friday, April 30, 2010

some street style stuff

sometimes i walk around with my camera and photograph people....

chantal, sr strategist for naked communications

kathryn, intermix

(l-r) britt, lauren- editors at fashionista

and then me, in the midst of finals, heading to my internship, about to graduate in t-minus 12 days.

dress- phillip lim, jacket boy, shoes repetto, tights anna sui, bag alphabets bag
this is sort of my take on dressing proffressional. i still feel really dressed up but somewhat like myself.



Moya said...

Lovely--I particularly like your self-portraits. You look so great. Where did you get the dress and coat?

Congratulations on graduating? Are you going to the Cinema Studies reception/party on Wednesday? Hope to see you there.

louise or valentine said...

hey moya,
there's a cinema studies party???
heck yes i'll be there. i had no idea there was a party...

Moya said...

This Wednesday at 6--6th floor. There are posters up everywhere, featuring the twins from the Shining. See you there!