Monday, May 3, 2010

end of the year, end of the line

even with finals and the scary, daunting feelings bubbling upon the impending dispora of myself and my friends, of the excited but scared REAL LIFE about to happen (cos you know...colllege ain't real...), of being jobless but not homeless, my degree almost in hand even with my credits, still apparently, not figured out (damn you study abroad!!!), i still managed to find time to explore.
and explore... i did.

the wonderful taylor poulin

the amazing kat hughes

i want to live there one day

rachel comey top, miu miu skirt.

now its off for me to pitter patter in various nyu buildings and get all of my credits in order so i can matriculate. you know, i used to complain that i wanted to stay in school forever. umm...why hello there, irony. yes it's nice to meet you, yes, no no yes,i'd really rather like to graduate.
cordially yours,


sarah said...

i used to feel the exact same way. i was never ready to graduate, and stretched out my degree for too long. but now, i feel ready.

miss sophie said...

no one feels ready to graduate, but that's just the beginning :) enjoy the summer and all the things to come!