Sunday, April 11, 2010

some things n such

hello all!

this whole week has been full of wonderful weather, ridiculous shoots, and just crazy catch up with essays, work and more more more shootiong.
here's my thesis for you to look at.

my artist statement
I grew up along the Southern gulf coast of the United States. These images are an exploration of the culture of my family, which is strongly rooted to the area. Culture manifests itself intangibly and tangibly, via the family unit and the decoration of the home. The photographs of myself as a debutante and my grandmother’s home further emphasize this idea of “southerness.” The color palette of her home and furniture of her house are similar only to other houses in the South. The bottom triptych references the idea that without the physical reminders of the home, the bonds of family preserve the “southerness” of my culture, even when we are thousands of miles apart from one another.

All of these images were shot between the years of 2007 to 2010 on Kodak Vivid Color 160 and 400 speed medium format film

so that's my thesis. it's smething, that for my undergrad work, i'm quite proud of. it's not quite there yet to be a portfolio for my graduate work...but this is mine and it's a body of work i really stand behind and defend. this is my work and i'm quite proud of myself.

but onto other things and such.
here is some street photography shots i took for refinery 29.

also up at hasted hunt kraeutler gallery, there is this amazing show up called great photographs of the 20th century: staged and startled. this one shown on my blog, is by richard avedon. he bent the paper when exposing it to make the woman's neck appear longer and more swan like.
if you get a chance and are in the new york area, you should check this out. at 537 W24th st

and here are some random things i shot over spring break (so over three weeks ago!!!) in new orleans.

vintage scarf, vintage shorts, new glasses, prada shoes

the church across from my friend's house

my friend's backyard

my friend monique

now it's time to go out and enjoy more of this great weather.


Buy thesis said...
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sarah said...

you have such a refreshing point of view! honestly, you are so talented.
what school do you go to, if you don't mind me asking?

louise or valentine said...

why, thank you lady! i am, actually, about to graduate from new york university with a degree in photography and imaging and a minor in cinema studies.
where are you in school if you dont mind me asking?

sarah said...

i'm also graduating this spring, but with a plain old Bachelor of Arts (English Lit). i just may live vicariously through you and your fantastic wardrobe!

miss sophie said...

oh congrats, lady, on finishing your wonderful thesis project! :D i love love love your eye for photography and the colors and textures in your images are so rich and evocative :) are you planning on staying in the city after graduation?

louise or valentine said...

@miss sophie

yup! the plan is to stay here and attempt to work/blog/photograph for two years
after that, i'm going to see how much fine art/grad school portfolio work i've done. and then maybe move back to the south for a year or two, apply for grants and then work work work on a portfolio for grad school.
then apply to grad school and after that, i dunno.

sarah said...

yes! i saw the image on your blog, and fell in love with it! my word, what a find.

Cassie Casserole said...

Your so talented!