Wednesday, August 11, 2010

greetings from copenhagen fashion week!

hey all,
i just got to copenhagen this morning. i kind of have a huge crush on this city- its beautiful, old looking, perfectly over cast- in my head it's the perfect european version of seattle (i've never been to seattle).
mama and i are staying in hotel fox, where every room was decorated by a different artist. ours was decorated by a handful of spanish graffiti artists and illustrators. it's small and cute, though it could've been up-kept better (there are some marks on the walls, obviously from wear and tear).
i'm also blogging for bust- check it out here
photos of the hotel

that is the ceiling

walking around copenhagen, i stumbled upon a handful of different shops. my two favorite were storm, henrik vibskov and wood wood.
photos of wood wood:

why, yes, those are some comme des garcon TENNIS SHOES. and why yes, me who never ever wears tennis shoes, totally wants them. it's probably due to the fact that they have an adorable heart shaped face on them.
some photos of henrik vibskov

kron shoes! not in my size though...

that was in their dressing room

and of course, some AMAZING street style photos

the prints on her pants seem very moicun-like. that is what drew me to her outfit.

i loved the color combination and how the shoes just pop. maybe it's being in europe and only having a wee, small suitcase but i find myself lusting after some really cool kicks. i haven't wanted tennis shoes in ages and this girl just wears them so well.

this last photo was definitely my favorite of the day. i was wondering around and thinking man i want to find some one dressed so avant garde, so carefree. i wandered into storm and found the best dressed person. her name is Alberte and you should check out her blog.

some now i am off to sleep, its late here for me, it's 11 and i am just so dead tired. mildly jet-lagged.
ta ta,


fashion fool said...

Thank you so much for posting my picture, i would have loved to meet you again, but i didn't se you in urban outfiters.

<3 alberte

Shorty said...

Just found your blog thru Bust's newsletter. Love your pictures and that looks like one awesome hotel room! Can't wait to see all that you post about from Fashion Week.