Tuesday, August 17, 2010

stockholm fashion week and street style 2010, 2nd update

Hey all,
Today was rather eventful, I photographed Bryanboy, and some rather other amazing people. Swedish fashion style, similar to Danish fashion style, is all about opaque black tights, architectural shoes, and beautiful, blousey and gathered shirt dresses and high, high avant garde heels. American fashion seems so much about flattering the figure and emphasizing thin-ness or what have you- it's more about hotness, but this is about art and fashion, fun with dressing. Nordic style seems way more cerebral when it comes to fashion and dressing. I like that, though, I like that it's about the women's interpretation of dressing and less of what will attract a male. The emphasis is what attracts me to fashion and my interpretation of it and less of what will a mate think, which harkens back to Alber Elbaz's view of fashion- he designs for the women that wants to impress herself and not a man, which is how it should be. Dress for yourself and no one else, what a nice idea to have.
now, the photos

check out these S-H-O-E-S, how amazing? def ankle breakers but so cool, and probs so hard to walk in. i love it, it's awesome.
until later,

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