Monday, August 16, 2010

stockholm fashion week

Greetings from Stockholm Fashion Week!
My trip has, thus far, been marked with some slightly tourist-y things (visiting the Moderna Museet and the Fotografiska, a museum all about photograpy. There was an Annie Leibovitz exhibit up, which I had already seen and a cool exhibit of Vee Speers work "the birthday party." With her muted color palette and use of children as the protagonists in her portaits, it does have a lot of similarities to Loretta Lux. I enjoyed it. There was also a small of exhibit of Joel Peter Witkin's work and some recent pieces I had not yet seen, though I preferred his earlier work. His newer work looks too much like vintage photography and he sort of tones down the fantastical elements of his work, which I always felt where his strong suit.
Today and yesterday I shopped and explored different areas in Stockholm. I have been to three different Acne stores (which was wonderful!), I went to SoFo, which was interesting, I went to various vintage stores, like Repris and a boutique called Tjallmalla, both on Bondegatan. I also fell down 4 stair steps at Weekday and now have a rainbow of bruises covering my legs, thankfully no one saw me take that tumble. I also stumbled (figuratively) upon the Elle Pop-Up Shop and Cafe, which was wonderful. They have wifi, delicious tea and they are soooo close to where the shows are being held. Prime location.
Ok, enough chatter! Here are some street style shots.

ta ta,


Anonymous said...

i love the pictures. great clothes!

miss sophie said...

have you been to the Hope stockholm boutique? they have the most elegant and chic shoes and really cool, understated tops and pants. enjoy the rest of your trip! :)

MrsBossa said...

That velvet (?) carcoat is adorable.
Found your blog on BUST, and it's been fun following you! Good work! :)