Wednesday, August 25, 2010

greetings from london

surprise, it's raining here in london. so i haven't been able to take a lot of photos.
today, i attempted to head out to shoreditch but only got so far as hitting one shop and eating a swedish restaurant (what? again? weren't you just in sweden? more? but but but i love this restaurant...)
i also attempted to go see the nicholas kirkwood store
however, as that turns out, it won't be open until december!
so i called them and said i was looking for the rodarte collaboration, i wanted to see them in person, where can i find them? and then they sent me four photos of the ones carried at barneys and opening ceremony in the US
for your enjoyment

maaaan, these just make me wanna sell my kidneys or eggs or what not so i can afford them
so take it in, take it in!
i'm off to get worn, i'm soaking wet from all the rain today- yes, i am that person that doesn't bring an umbrella to england and then traipses around in the rain. i traipse! in the rain!
damn, i need a towel...

ta ta,


Moya said...

If it's any consolation, it's rained for three days solid in NYC, there was flooding in Queens and it is currently 66 degrees outside!

Those shoes are fabulous! Don't sell your kidneys though--aside from being illegal, you'll die! (I know, it's just a joke, but, yes, they are fabulous indeed).

So no fun shopping finds? I hope you are still having fun.

miss sophie said...

the rain in england is no joke. was just there 2 weeks ago and truly regretted that it wasn't more like paris weather-wise.

Moya said...

Standing up for London (as I'm from there), the weather is very similar to Paris--it's also unpredictable. You can get 2 weeks of rain or 2 weeks of solid sun. For tourists, it's something that either reaffirms or surprises you--locals just know that it will change soon regardless. And some months are rainier than others.

louise or valentine said...

the rain isn't so so surprising, b/c usually when i'm here there is no rain! so i figured, england is just making up for lost time :)
but i'm enjoying it! i do like overcast days- its great to photograph b/c it makes the light even.