Monday, August 23, 2010

the style bubble and frou frou plus others have a rummage sale

after landing in london and then jetting off to brighton for the a few days, i came back and went to susie bubble's plus others (including frou frou)'s rummage sale.
however...i showed up late, and got lost-in my defense it was in a part of town i had never been in!!- but i found it and here is the writing on the wall or rather photographic evidence to prove it.

the yard sale opened at 10 am, and i showed up at around 1. there were still a lot of people around but a lot of the goods had been picked over.
here is frou frou and save our shoes

here is the lovely vic riches, and her awesome drawings

and one of the lovely hosts, susie bubble

and some very well dressed attendees

i had a wonderful time treking out there and talking to people, also enjoying the free food (chicken satay! and cake!) but also meeting new bloggers.
next time, i should follow one of my rules that i use for sample sales- show up there 5 mins before it starts. like fer realz.
more til later,


Moya said...

So envious! I am glad you are having such a great time. Did you buy anything?

louise or valentine said...

not a thing!
though i went to topshop today and bought some black tee strap flats that look so similar to some chloe ones i saw the other day.
i plan to do some major shopping tomorrow after i look at central st martins!
any suggestions?

Moya said...

Check out the avant garde boutiques in Hoxton. Also look into the expensive stores in Dover Market. Go to Liberty's and look in the back streets around there in the vicinity of soho. Also check out the sales in Selfridges and get something to eat from their food department while you are at it. In Marylebone High Street (near Baker St tube), Notting Hill, and even Upper Street in Islington you'll find some cool small shops.

On Regent St. and Soho there's a COS--high end H and M with a bit of a Marni and Prada esque vibe (pretty cheap too).

I've already given you too much to do in a day, but get your unlimited one day metrocard. Also look online in Time Out to see if there are any sample sales or cool markets open tomorrow.

I wish I was there--one day we'll do it together. I miss home, the amazing food, magazines, clothing, and of course the people and even the rain!

Yu'an said...

Hi Cariline,
I'm the girl with MIUMIU Wedge, I hope you dont mind me using your image.
I'd indicate the source.
Nice meeting you, Thanks

Yu'an X

louise or valentine said...

hey yu'an!
sure, feel free to use, just credit me and i'll link to your blog as well.
thanks for letting me photograph you!