Saturday, May 10, 2008

katie and me

so i am at tisch, burning my screen based projects onto a CD.
and i ran into my friend katie frank, who works at the cage (the area where we check out things and such). she is always cute but look expectationally cute today!

so i needed to clean out my tisch locker today (i think we're getting new ones. hopefully newer and bigger ones...anywho, i rode my bike here and i felt like wearing a white dress. and tights.
yesterday was so fucking cold that i think i am overcompensating, anywho. i'm warm, thats all that matters!
hopeully ican finish burnnig my stuff and quickly run to brooklyn for foodswings. i've been craving it. and since im going back home to texas for a week...i figure i totes deserve it. yes i went there and used totes.
whoa. and deal with it.
so i am going to a party tonight and i'll post more pictures. two parties actually! and i am going with some lovely ladies named katelyn and sara. woot! am quite excited.

more later

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