Monday, July 11, 2011

Le Marais, Paris

from this amazing store on Rue de Graviellers st. this woman really reminded me of my friend nera, just how beautifully laid back but put together.


Isabel said...

She's like a hot Amish lady.

PS - I loved your comment on BLOCKBUSTER!! We totally still have them in Canada but they're all going out of business slowly but surely. It's kind of sad!

louise or valentine said...

i have a theory, if you don't look like an amish woman or a hadisic woman on acid, you are doing something wrong.

whenever i am abroad, i always look for blockbusters, just to see if they are still in business, and i've seen so many empty blockbusters >.<
it's such an anachronistic entity that will definitely die but i have such good memories of going to blockbuster.