Friday, November 4, 2011

Black Curls and Ecote Shoes

I have super, super curly hair and I am in awe of any curly haired girl that has nice hair. A nice length, styled great, curly bangs (which seems impossible for me to achieve); curly hair that looks styled and looks good with their overall style. My curls just feel frizzy, limp, and almost verge on dreadlocks. I spotted Ioana on 2nd Ave and chased her down half a block for her picture. I love how effortless she looks, and how great the brown Ecote shoes from Urban Outfitters pop against the black layers of her outfit. But the main reason I wanted to take her photo was how great her hair looked. I am kind of obsessed, in a ridiculous way, with curly haired girls who have really great hair styles.

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