Tuesday, October 23, 2007

lisa loeb

there is something so comforting in her voice.
it's most likely nostalgia. when i moved to houston, i was in third grade. my mom hired a babysitter, her name was becca and she went college there, most likely u of h, now that i think about it. i remember her car being what i thought a college kid's car would look like and her being what i thought all college kids where. she had styrofoam cups that were full of slim fast residue in her cup holders, tons of dirty coins for the toll booth and lipbalm floating around. she was not the type of college kids you saw in movies, but she was the reality. she played alot of lisa loeb in her car. i bought the cd firecracker because becca had it, too.

but lisa loeb could lullaby me to sleep.
i purchased one of her songs off itunes (i should download it for free...but i really enjoy lisa loeb). i also bought "one of us"- the one that goes "what if god was one of us...."
its a trip down music memory lane for me. its nice to be comforted audibly.


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