Tuesday, October 9, 2007


i feel like an introduction should be made.
hi, im a girl, lets just say im louise, or in some cases, valentine. but i am mostly caroline. it really just depends on the day and my mood.
i am in college, in new york city and i study photography.
i am dating a boy that lives in texas though i would prefer to not really be dating at all.

so yes.
i have boy issues.
and this is my first blog that isnt a live journal esque blog with my bffs! reading it and commenting away. i guess its my first stab at a real diary although this is online.
i hold a fancy that perhaps only strangers will read this and find it amusing, but to a certain selected few i will pass this on to them.

i am louise, the quiet and slightly awkward could be future librarian.
i prefer to be caroline, the talkative photo kid. and sometimes valentine, the daring one usually added with a few glasses of wine.
for reals.

1 comment:

erma said...

all of your personas turn me on, stranger.